My Dad

11 Nov

So this year, some crazy stuff happened. My Nana, almost like a parent to me, had a stroke and ended up partially brain damaged. Sometimes she doesn’t remember who I am. Then, her house got flooded. Her and my granda had to move out for four months, almost five. They’ve jut moved back in. We sort of didn’t have lots of money to pay for my brother’s different speech therapy and occupational therapy needs (he’s got autism), so money has been a bit of a struggle. On top of it, since last January, my dad now lives in Australia.

Him and my mom are still together, but he had been unemployed for over a year, then was offered this job. On the other side of the world. Because he’s brave, he went and took it.

So far, he’s been home for a week at Easter, and a week in July. Hopefully he’ll get back for two weeks at Christmas. Anyway, it’s because of him that my family can survive. He Skypes us once a week, since his schedule is pretty hectic: he gets up at four, drives to the site, works (as a surveyor/civil engineer), gets home around half six, has dinner, and goes to sleep. The home I refer to is this compound in the middle of the desert, an hour long plane journey from civilization.

While he’s there though, he’s been writing songs it seems. Funny how he suddenly has an Irish accent in his new songs, but had a neutral one in his old songs that he wrote years ago.


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