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Trying to find a nice theme…

11 Nov

At the moment, I don’t have the funds to pay or a premium theme, but I’m still trying to find the right look for this blog. I need something with a white background for the text, since a lot of my content has a white background and it all its better. I also want something whimsical and girly, which this current theme is not. I did have the Lovebirds heme for a little while, except it was a bit too wedding-focused. I them had a vintage camera theme, but that had an off-white background which I couldn’t easily fix. I do love WordPress, but sometimes the lack o free functionality annoys me. I mean, look at the themes available on Tumblr, for example. Or look at how easily you can customize Blogger themes…

Since this blog is very important to me, and I think getting the right look is essential, I might move it over to Blogger… I hope I won’t have to, and I’ll find the right theme for it, but it might have to happen. I just really want to be able to edit the HTML of my blog for free.


Photo Time

11 Nov

So I’ve decided to share some photos with you guys. You might recongnise some of them from my instagram account (see them over at, and some are uploaded off my computer to be seen by the public for the first time. EVER.

I hope you like all my pictures, remember to follow me on instagram. And on Twitter too, now that I think of it (@maevelizzy)…

See you soon!

The Year of Budget Travel

11 Nov

Travelling is something I think is ingrained in my being; I don’t think I could really survive without it. I don’t actually get to go travelling in reality that often, but I travel through stories, and books, and films. This year however, was different. This year I got to actually travel, to Germany Italy and the Canary Islands. It was amazing.

How did this rampant voyaging come about?

A combination of good luck, bad luck, and saving up.

Germany first. It was a school trip, an exchange (which in reality went horrendously, but that’s a story for another day) which only cost the price of the flights. It was such a culture shock, a huge change from Ireland. The architecture, food, culture and people were so so different to home.  I instantly fell in love.

Apologies for the terrible film quality by the way, I forgot my camera on both trips and just had my phone.

Then came Italy. This one was pretty magical. Me and a few friends managed to win first prize in the all Ireland Mini-Company competition, and won an all-expenses-paid trip to Rome. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate amazing food, saw astounding sites, were bought ice-cream, and were given €80 spending money. We saw the Raphael rooms in The Vatican City, and saw the history-seeped Colosseum.  We became firmer friends, escaping persuasive street sellers and getting lost together.

It was beautiful. Again, bad video quality, but heck, I think it gets the feeling across. Since it lacks the main sights of Rome, here’s a massive dose of tourist-ness:

The Colloseum

Completely unedited. Taken with my Samsung Galaxy Ace.

So the next trip abroad: Lanzarote. This one needs a little longer story to explain. My dad is currently working in Australia due the whole recession thing that’s going on. He was last home in July, and was meant to be coming home at Halloween. However, he couldn’t make it, so instead he booked the rest of the family a holiday. Even though we are completely broke, and couldn’t really afford it. This was my first ever sun-holiday, where we didn’t do anything very cultural. I think we needed the relaxation, after the year we had. It was beautifully sunny, warm, relaxing. Not very quaint, or cute but it fulfilled its purpose.

From my instagram, my username is maevelizzy. You can see all my pictures at

So, I got to travel a heck of a lot more than I usually do, and it was amazing. What about you?

I’m also going to add some more photos of beautiful places I’ve been lucky enough to see.