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Get your blog backgrounds here!

17 Nov

Ok, rather than wasting what little storage I have on WordPress, I’ve joined Photobucket and uploaded all my backgrounds.

All you have to do is:

  1. Select a theme on WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr that allows you to change the colours/image
  2. Download one of the tiles from my Photobucket library
  3. Upload that as your background image
  4. Choose the “tile image” option.

I haven’t stuck any title or links on these, so you can use them away without my name/this blog’s brand stuck anywhere on your site!
Check back soon for more blog backgrounds, because I’m going to keep making them.


Scrumptious Nutella Truffles

16 Nov

I found these while surfing around Pinterest, and they are delicious! Click the picture to see the recipe. The website they’re from, My Baking Addiction, has some other amazing treat to try, so have a look!


Why Silvia is Kinda Cool

15 Nov

In school at the moment, we’re studying the poetry of Silvia Plath. Her life was a pretty turbulent one by anyone’s standards, so I will admit I sat down thinking, “well, this will just be a whole pile of depressing.”

However, it’s actually not. Yes, some of her poems are quite dark and gloomy, but one we’ve recently done, The Times Are Tidy, really connects with me. Up to this point, my favourite poems have been The Lake Isle Of Inisfree, by W.B. Yeats, because of its dreamlike, soporific feeling and beautiful mystical imagery, and Sea Fever by John Masefield because of, again, it’s exquisite imagery and the way it personally connects with me and expresses how I feel.

While The Times Are Tidy does not contain lavish imagery, it does convey the basic frustration I feel with modern living and the yearning I feel for long ago fairytale times; an era of courage and adventure and excitement.

It’s pretty cool, go and Google it.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

12 Nov

I posted recently about YouTube vloggers that I really enjoy, but I didn’t put in this one, because it’s very different.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, and they are magnificently produced. At first, I must admit, I was a little apprehensive as I usually don’t like “modern versions” of books or films I love. However, this was happily the exception. The LBD is fantastically written, acted, shot and edited, super-professionally, while still keeping the one-girl-and-a-webcam feel even though there’s a whole production team backstage. The plot is perfectly paced, and the casting for the roles is superb. Hmm, it’s like I’m playing who-can-fit-the-most-superlatives-into-a-paragraph game, so I’d better shut up. Here’s the very first episode for you viewing.

Also as a side note to those who are ardent fans, one word: DARCY! ❤

YouTube People I Love (at the moment)

12 Nov

YouTube is a major phenomenon of our times. Everyone can quickly post insightful, hilarious, and sometimes downright degrading videos to share with the public. Needless to say, I enjoy this interesting thing called YouTube… but how to find the great, zany and wonderful among the embarrassing and awful? Sifting. Hours of sifting.

But to save you that, I’ve compiled a list of YouTubers I currently love. You’ll find more, equally interesting vloggers by going through the related links that pop up at the end of each video… but if there’s someone you love who isn’t included on this list, please tell me. Either leave their name in an “Ask”, or send me a message with a link to one of their videos on YouTube, my username is maeveelizabethful. And if one of you is an aspiring YouTuber, I’d love to know about you!

Anyway, onto my love list (in no particular order):

  • danisnotonfire
    (visit his You Tube Channel) 
    This love affair began back when my French teacher was going on maternity leave, and we were getting a sub. One of my best friends sent me a link to one of Dan’s videos, “My Psycho French Teacher”. I was instantly smitten. He has a vlog channel too, there’s a link on his main page.
  • Jenna Marbles
    (visit her channel)
    Ryan was the one who told me about Jenna. She is awesome. Straight talking and foul-mouthed, she’s a breath of fresh air who isn’t afraid to say anything. And she rocks some pretty cool tshirts too. And has cute dogs. What more can I say?
  • Daily Grace
    (visit her channel)
    She really does post videos every day, Monday through Friday. Each day has a theme, like commenting on comments, how to, or my favourite: sexy Friday. She is hilarious, bitingly sarcastic, more then a little mad, and in plentiful supply. You’ll always manage to find a video she’s released that you haven’t seen yet.
  • Crabstickz
    (visit his channel)
    Slightly… odd, I think is the best way to describe this guy. He’s sweet and self-deprecating, does random sketches, and has this hilarious Darren Styles series. Go watch him.
  • Tyler Oakley
    (visit his channel NOW! NOW! NOW!!!)
    Currently my number 1 on my YouTubers I would marry list. Except he’s already taken, by Blue Doritos…
    Anyway, the king of YouTube, you will literally wet yourself watching him. He mixes really serious stuff with just awesome hilarity, total confidence in front of the camera with endearing awkwardness, and goes from random vlogs to though out stories. EPIC.
  • Phillip De Franco
    (visit his YouTube Channel here)
    Phillip DeFranco makes the news interesting, both in how he tells the stories and his quick, extremely articulate way of speaking. And he’s super cute. So go watch him.
  • PointlessBlog
    (visit his channel here)
    Alfie has the cutest face in existence. He makes fun vlogs, often with his youtube friends. His voice is also incredibly… different.

I think that’s the main ones anyway, that I think are truly awesome… Please tell me if you love others!

Why I have a physical phone book

11 Nov

I have gone through a few phones in my relatively short lifetime. None were replaced while in good working order, so I usually lost a fair chunk if not all of my contacts each time. So I came up with a solution. Write them down on paper.

It’s time consuming, archaic, not as tidy and alphabetical, ect. But they don’t vanish (unless you’re the type that loses things very easily)! I’m converted. So next time I change my phone, I’ll do my best at first to transfer all my contacts, but if all else fails, I know I have a backup copy safely stored in my desk drawer. It’s also great if your phone ever dies at an inconvenient time and you need a number. A notebook doesn’t stop working if you haven’t plugged it in recently.

That notebook above is what I’d like to have. Instead I have a garish, ugly hardback little notebook. At least it’s difficult to lose…

Anyway, I was thinking of running a giveaway once there are a few more people visiting this blog, and once I’ve found a super-cute, fashionable little address book that will add to your outfit (since you will probably carry it everywhere once you realise how useful it is). Leave a comment down below if you thing this would be a good prize (and if you’ve seen cute address books for sale anywhere!), or if you’d prefer something a little different, and tell your friends to come visit and subscribe so we actually have a decent number of entrants. Thanks!


Trying to find a nice theme…

11 Nov

At the moment, I don’t have the funds to pay or a premium theme, but I’m still trying to find the right look for this blog. I need something with a white background for the text, since a lot of my content has a white background and it all its better. I also want something whimsical and girly, which this current theme is not. I did have the Lovebirds heme for a little while, except it was a bit too wedding-focused. I them had a vintage camera theme, but that had an off-white background which I couldn’t easily fix. I do love WordPress, but sometimes the lack o free functionality annoys me. I mean, look at the themes available on Tumblr, for example. Or look at how easily you can customize Blogger themes…

Since this blog is very important to me, and I think getting the right look is essential, I might move it over to Blogger… I hope I won’t have to, and I’ll find the right theme for it, but it might have to happen. I just really want to be able to edit the HTML of my blog for free.