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Get your blog backgrounds here!

17 Nov

Ok, rather than wasting what little storage I have on WordPress, I’ve joined Photobucket and uploaded all my backgrounds.

All you have to do is:

  1. Select a theme on WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr that allows you to change the colours/image
  2. Download one of the tiles from my Photobucket library
  3. Upload that as your background image
  4. Choose the “tile image” option.

I haven’t stuck any title or links on these, so you can use them away without my name/this blog’s brand stuck anywhere on your site!
Check back soon for more blog backgrounds, because I’m going to keep making them.


My new unique theme!

17 Nov

I posted a while back about how upset I was about the fact I couldn’t modify my theme: well, I found a way! I found a theme that allows you to upload your own images as a background, so I created a cute hand-drawn polka-dot look that fitted in with the theme colours I had chosen, and voila! A unique, cute little theme! Just comment below if you’d like to use these polka dots, or if you’d like to see all my other pink check and polka dot themes, and I’ll upload them here with instructions so you can use theme. I’m just checking for interest first so I don’t waste my precious photo storage space…

Anyway, hope you like the new background! Adios!