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Other people pull off the cute geek so well

3 Feb

Unfortunately for me, I could never really do the cute, awkward geek. I tend to be the inarticulate bumbling geek who accidentally spills the beer she’s pretending to drink to look cool all over whoever she’s trying to look cool in front of. But heck, I’ve got soul. Sort of.

Anyway, I like how all of a sudden being a nerd is kind of cool. If you do it right. I suddenly have the chance to breath without fearing that the whole world is sniggering (yes I do care what other’s think). I now only have to hide the extreme geek inside. Like the whole Star Trek obsession, that’s apparently still not cool. The new one, sure, you’re allowed like that for the sake of Chris Pine, or because you love JJ Abram’s work. But not for Spock. And the old shows, especially The Original (and the best in my opinion) Series, are just cringe worthy to like.

Also, you shouldn’t put The Original Series theme tune as your phone ringtone. You end up getting either weird glances from people, or total weirdos starting up conversations about how they like Star Trek too. Lose-lose situation.

So I’ve decided that my best (and possibly only) option is to curl up in bed with a DVD of Journey to the Center of the Earth, a pair of old red and green 3D glasses, and a new blog.

With no more adieu, welcome.


Stories are my drug

11 Nov

I’ve always had a long and fairly spectacular list of things I want to do. You would know some of these if you knew me better, such as being a rich mechanical engineer (emulate Tony Stark as much as is humanly possible, and then some), being an astronaut, being an author (maybe finish that zombie story…). Others you probably wouldn’t know about, such as following ballet and jazz as a career, being a travel writer, and being a ninja. I’ve always been in a bit of a rush, because it seemed to me like I’ve an awful lot of stuff to fit in, and not that much time. I wanted to know about everything, and tore through books at the rate of knots from the moment I could read, subconsciously trying to cram in as much as possible before my ticker tocked its last.

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