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Get your blog backgrounds here!

17 Nov

Ok, rather than wasting what little storage I have on WordPress, I’ve joined Photobucket and uploaded all my backgrounds.

All you have to do is:

  1. Select a theme on WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr that allows you to change the colours/image
  2. Download one of the tiles from my Photobucket library
  3. Upload that as your background image
  4. Choose the “tile image” option.

I haven’t stuck any title or links on these, so you can use them away without my name/this blog’s brand stuck anywhere on your site!
Check back soon for more blog backgrounds, because I’m going to keep making them.


The Chill Out Cube

15 Nov

To channel my inner creativity, I decided to organise some of my instagram photos into cool collages. On my travels across the internet, I found this gem called Printsgram which lets you create sheets of stickers, collages, or even *gasp* cubes of your photos!

Anyway, as a little treat to all you avid readers, here’s a little bit of coolness that can add to the serenity of your room, with lots of pretty landscape photographs. Just click on the picture below to download the PDF file and print it off.

Click here to see the PDF and maybe even download it??!?

Why I have a physical phone book

11 Nov

I have gone through a few phones in my relatively short lifetime. None were replaced while in good working order, so I usually lost a fair chunk if not all of my contacts each time. So I came up with a solution. Write them down on paper.

It’s time consuming, archaic, not as tidy and alphabetical, ect. But they don’t vanish (unless you’re the type that loses things very easily)! I’m converted. So next time I change my phone, I’ll do my best at first to transfer all my contacts, but if all else fails, I know I have a backup copy safely stored in my desk drawer. It’s also great if your phone ever dies at an inconvenient time and you need a number. A notebook doesn’t stop working if you haven’t plugged it in recently.

That notebook above is what I’d like to have. Instead I have a garish, ugly hardback little notebook. At least it’s difficult to lose…

Anyway, I was thinking of running a giveaway once there are a few more people visiting this blog, and once I’ve found a super-cute, fashionable little address book that will add to your outfit (since you will probably carry it everywhere once you realise how useful it is). Leave a comment down below if you thing this would be a good prize (and if you’ve seen cute address books for sale anywhere!), or if you’d prefer something a little different, and tell your friends to come visit and subscribe so we actually have a decent number of entrants. Thanks!