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If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages, or, when Fallout 3 arrived

3 Feb

 Elaine Liner said that. I’m not claiming to be a writer, but would like to struggle against the phenomenon of text speak and indecent punctuation and write like hell even if I myself mess up on grammar and punctuation every now and then along the way.

So, I will tell you the story of the late night, the new arrival, and the laptop.

It was late one evening last week, and I decided to change my password on my laptop. It had been Pioneer 8 after the space shuttle, but after I played out (in my head) an awkward incident where I tried to explain that I wasn’t a fervent religious alcohol abstainer to a computer repairs guy, I decided to change it.

I even went and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. I went to sleep, watching Amelie (to satisfy my need to feel cultured), and left the laptop switch off.

Joy of joys, next day, Fallout 3 arrived in the post. I couldn’t wait to play it, and went and grabbed my xbox controller and switched on my laptop. It asked for my password. I reached for the paper I had written the password down on, and copied it out.

Incorrect password.

The letters stood like a beacon of lost hope and despair. No matter how hard I tried, it wouldn’t accept it. I used my old password, misspelled my new one, did it with Caps Lock on, did it standing on my head. Nothing. Just Incorrect Password. And disappointed my with my controller and new game.

Three days, a small slow netbook, three USB sticks and lots of tears later, I have failed to boot my laptop from a password reset USB. I believe I may have broken laws in five countries and skirted close to it in a few dozen more, given the reputation of programs that reset laptop passwords.

And I still haven’t being able to play Fallout 3. Sure, I have Ubuntu on the same laptop and that’s fine, but Steam won’t work for me properly on it.




Other people pull off the cute geek so well

3 Feb

Unfortunately for me, I could never really do the cute, awkward geek. I tend to be the inarticulate bumbling geek who accidentally spills the beer she’s pretending to drink to look cool all over whoever she’s trying to look cool in front of. But heck, I’ve got soul. Sort of.

Anyway, I like how all of a sudden being a nerd is kind of cool. If you do it right. I suddenly have the chance to breath without fearing that the whole world is sniggering (yes I do care what other’s think). I now only have to hide the extreme geek inside. Like the whole Star Trek obsession, that’s apparently still not cool. The new one, sure, you’re allowed like that for the sake of Chris Pine, or because you love JJ Abram’s work. But not for Spock. And the old shows, especially The Original (and the best in my opinion) Series, are just cringe worthy to like.

Also, you shouldn’t put The Original Series theme tune as your phone ringtone. You end up getting either weird glances from people, or total weirdos starting up conversations about how they like Star Trek too. Lose-lose situation.

So I’ve decided that my best (and possibly only) option is to curl up in bed with a DVD of Journey to the Center of the Earth, a pair of old red and green 3D glasses, and a new blog.

With no more adieu, welcome.